Why am I here?

This was my choice

A choice I told myself I will never regret

As they say, go out of your comfort zone

And so I did, not because they said so

Rather because out of my own curiosity and willingness


My life hasn’t changed that much

I still do my rituals in the morning and before going to bed

I still choose potatoes over carrots

A different place will not change who you are

So I ask myself, why am I even here?





*This is an original post written while at work 081616*


new blog

This is probably┬ámy fourth or fifth blog profile, I’ve used blogger, blogspot, tumblr and any other free blog sites that are there to serve its purpose.Surely, everytime I do create my blog I would religiously remind myself to keep it updated and improve everything. Well, that was me years back. Now, with the recent changes that occurred in my life, I decided to once again create a more formal blog. Since I feel like I do have actual stuff to post compared to before where I was living in a box, now I feel like I’m participating in what we call ‘life’ instead of just merely surviving it and get shit done for the day. If you may have noticed, all my usernames in different social media has the same username, which is my name, that is because: I’m too lazy to come up for a creative username and I’m probably not creative enough because everytime I do the username is no longer available for me to use. I was supposedly to use soundtracksandsignposts but thought it’s too lengthy so I browsed the Lullabies book by Lang Leav to get some ideas. And hence, this username. Soundtracks and Signposts are her poems in the said book which I dearly love since I first read them back in 2015. Nostalgia for today, on the other hand had an impact when I read it earlier today. For some reasons I couldn’t put into words.


Do you remember what you once said to me?

One day you will be nostalgic for today.

At the time, I couldn’t begin to conceive a future without you– I believed with all my heart we were destined for each other. And in the back of my mind, I always knew I’d feel nostalgic for a moment we shared or a memory we created– but not once, not even for a second– did I imagine it was you I would be nostalgic for.

There you go, nostalgia can be literally anything or anybody in your life. It’s up to us how we let this control our emotions, for me, it’s a nice place to visit once in a while just to absorb the fact that it actually happened, there is a (unknown) reason why it happened and may not happen again or this certain person is no longer in your life.

Anyway, this blog will surely be updated from time to time.