from Bantayan Island with love :)

A few weeks ago, we traveled all the way up to the northern part of Cebu. Originally, our plan was to visit Maldives of the Philippines then it was changed to Apo Island, due to “we can’t control things” from 9 folks down to 6, we went to South Bus Terminal and rode the bus headed to Bantayan Island.

With the 4-day weekend, it was a total crap to just stay indoors and to miss the beach.

Bantayan Island is 5-6 hours away from the city of Cebu, almost 4-5 hours of bus ride and an hour ferry ride. No matter how I hate bus rides, I know it will be always worth it.

This what welcomed us when we arrived; a very fine white sand and calm beach.


Crystal-clear what up!!

This was at Virgin Island


Hello there buddy!

People in Bantayan island- no matter what age ride a bike. I am such a loser! I don’t know how to bike (to be defensive, I used to know actually). You can still hitch a ride or yes, walk!

(photo credit: Annzinne Dadula)

Aside from riding a bike, you can also do snorkeling. Which we also did despite the fact that I also don’t know how to swim. Yes perfect!

We stayed in a cheap resort literally by the beach, where in we got to camp out at night.

By far, the best beach I have set foot, I will definitely go back to Bantayan Island 🙂

(photo credit: Annzinne Dadula)


See you again Bantayan 🙂








Not your usual jog

It’s been more than a week since I first saw you. You suddenly showed up in my usual jogging place. And my face went blank when I saw your pretty face. We shared the same route for an hour and to be honest my jog has never been that exciting before. Maybe I was very blunt at staring at you because yes, like Augustus Waters, “I enjoy looking at beautiful people, and I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence”

My route is still the same and it feels different without you around.

This city is big and I don’t know if I get to see you again. I couldn’t even remember how you looked like but I know I will immediately recognize you.




chocolates don’t melt in Bohol

Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone gets to, some prefer not to, others don’t get the chance to; these all applies to me actually. Yes, I really love to travel, sometimes I prefer not to because long hours of ride is my enemy- Bonamine just doesn’t work for me, Serc works for few hours and Wrigley’s peppermint candy is also a remedy. You already have the idea what I have in my bag 🙂 I rarely get the chance to travel so when I do I definitely grab that chance, because why not?

Last weekend, I was in Bohol! After almost 4 months, I finally had the chance to step out of Cebu and visit its neighbor. I was with my former workmates and their acquaintances. This was planned few months ago, we availed a tour package which I say is definitely a MUST when you go to Bohol.

After more than 2 hours of fast craft ride from Cebu pier1 we finally arrived at Tagbilaran City Port, our tour guide was already there and we went straight to Loboc Floating Boat to fill up our empty tanks. I was then stunned by the number of foreigners! Honestly, the food was okay- just okay! It was a fun ride- there was a musician singing local songs, Korean songs (which I say the ahjummas next to our table was really having fun), the Japanese and Taiwanese also had their songs sang by the musician. We then arrived at ATI tribe.


It’s a small area where locals sell their products and entertain tourists. The archery thing is a MUST but try not to embarrass yourself (oops!).

The Man-made forest was something I was really looking forward to. I was excited to take photos along the road but when we got there, it was too dangerous- Cars are running fast and cars are running fast!



We went to other tourist spots in Bohol such as the Butterfly sanctuary, Tarsier Conservation Area, Twin Hanging bridge and of course, Chocolate Hills!!!

While on the road, you will notice scattered green hills and when you finally get to arrive at the viewing deck you will then realize those were the chocolate hills. They’re real!! The top of those hills are brown. The viewing deck is a no joke! I mean, the flight of stairs! It was a cruel sunny day to be in fact I heard a girl saying “I’m about to go blind here” (whoa. edi wow!) But it was totally worth it- these chocolates don’t melt, they just stay there to tell us how wonderful our planet is. While up there, I couldn’t stop wondering how on earth these were created?!!  Oh well, it’s too beautiful…


It was a quick tour, I would really like to go back to Bohol. I was amazed by how simple their life is, their roads are narrow but I tell you they probably don’t get much traffic there. While we were on our way back to the pier, I told myself I will definitely go back in Bohol and have a picture in the man-made forest 😀

PS! This won’t be my last travel for the year 🙂 so this shall formally start my #MarizTravels (I couldn’t think of a good name actually- Mariz is my second name)