from Bantayan Island with love :)

A few weeks ago, we traveled all the way up to the northern part of Cebu. Originally, our plan was to visit Maldives of the Philippines then it was changed to Apo Island, due to “we can’t control things” from 9 folks down to 6, we went to South Bus Terminal and rode the bus headed to Bantayan Island.

With the 4-day weekend, it was a total crap to just stay indoors and to miss the beach.

Bantayan Island is 5-6 hours away from the city of Cebu, almost 4-5 hours of bus ride and an hour ferry ride. No matter how I hate bus rides, I know it will be always worth it.

This what welcomed us when we arrived; a very fine white sand and calm beach.


Crystal-clear what up!!

This was at Virgin Island


Hello there buddy!

People in Bantayan island- no matter what age ride a bike. I am such a loser! I don’t know how to bike (to be defensive, I used to know actually). You can still hitch a ride or yes, walk!

(photo credit: Annzinne Dadula)

Aside from riding a bike, you can also do snorkeling. Which we also did despite the fact that I also don’t know how to swim. Yes perfect!

We stayed in a cheap resort literally by the beach, where in we got to camp out at night.

By far, the best beach I have set foot, I will definitely go back to Bantayan Island 🙂

(photo credit: Annzinne Dadula)


See you again Bantayan 🙂








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