2016 Korean Dramas

2016 was a tough year for all of us, but we cannot deny the fact that this year was a blessing in kdrama world.

Here’s a list for my Top 10  favorite Korean Dramas.

1. Reply 1988 (TVN)


This holds a special place in my heart, I’ve watched this while I was going through something difficult and it might sound cliche but to tell you the truth this drama will help you value more what you have in life. This drama will make you and your heart laugh.

2. Goblin (TVN)


This is an ongoing drama, what’s there to say? Waaaa!!! Goblin is a fantasy drama with a really great cinematography you will thank God for your eyes, story is very interesting and you will get tired from laughing. Also the OST is eargasmic.

3. Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo (SBS)


A historical drama full of handsome Princes, okay really it’s not the only reason why everyone loved this show. First few episodes will make your heart jump out of joy then… Don’t watch this if you don’t want torture in your life, but this is too beautiful to miss. I also loved the soundtrack though I am not even a kpop listener.

4. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (MBC)


Another ongoing drama, a very realistic and light drama that you will surely relate especially if you’ve been teased for your weight. I seriously love the chemistry between the leads, they make me so happy these days.

5. W- Two Worlds (MBC)


I have no words for how amazing and breathtaking this drama was. Just watch this and enjoy the good kind of stress.

6. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (KBS2)


Park Bo Gum- the solely reason why I watched this. Anyway, this still ended on my list because of the cute story.

7. Cheese in the Trap (TVN)


A contemporary story that will make you binge watch and hate yourself why you finished it in just few days.

8. Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS)


Another ongoing drama that will give me ‘the feels’. In case you didn’t know Jun Ji Hyun the Queen is the female lead in this drama.

9. The K2 (TVN)


The only action/ thriller drama in my list because we all need this kind of thrill once in a while. Aside from the incredible story and action scenes, you will also catch yourself wondering how Ji Chang Wook looks perfect.

10. Descendants of the Sun (KBS2)


Probably the most popular drama of the year. Watch it for you to know.

Top 11 and 12 (because why not)

11. Uncontrollably Fond (KBS2)


I have a huge crush on Kim Woo Bin and along with others, I waited for this drama and had high expectations. This was a bit of disappointment especially with the flow of the story.

12. Doctor Crush (SBS)


There weren’t a lot of twists and this drama was very straightforward. Second male lead syndrome was too strong in this drama.

Cheers to more kdramas for 2017! Thank you Hallyu!





Physics of Love (Goblin)

Mass is not proportional to volume

A girl as small as a violet
A girl who moves like a flower petal
is pulling me towards her with more force than her mass

Just then, I am
like Newton’s apple,
I rolled towards her without stopping
until I fell on her …
With a thump, with a thump thump

My heart
keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground
It was my first love…

(Kim In Yook, 1963)


Great cinematography, excellent actors, interesting plot and characters, eargasmic OST. I could use all positive adjectives to describe this drama. Goblin has really captivated my heart. I am getting too much feels ❤