Being in Recruitment

It’s Friday evening and I just closed my Outlook, job portal sites and all other work related files and folders. It’s been a long and tiring day- probably because today’s a holiday and instead of sleeping and catching up on my shows I had to drag myself to work. No, I don’t hate my job, in fact I now like what I do.


I graduated back in 2014 and never in my life I imagined myself having to spend 8 hours- more than 8 hours a day inside the office, interviewing people in all walks of life. I’ve been doing this for more than 2 years now and yes of course this career has its ups and downs. Having to come and work from a small town is completely different to working in a new industry in a much larger city. I used to work in HR specializing in Recruitment back in my hometown for a Shared Services Company wherein I survived more than a year- I owe them everything for the knowledge tbh. Now, after moving out of my comfort zone- no let me revise that- after expanding my comfort zone, I transferred to a larger city and got a job in a recruitment firm. At first I thought this was a fancy job- entering large buildings/ corporations for client meetings, attending events and being exposed to different industries. I also told myself that this was the chance for me to help more people. Yes! Definitely!

“Thank you so much Ms for helping me get this job”, “Thank you for the opportunity and investing your time to schedule me for interviews” these are just few of those messages I get from my applicants and they always go straight in my heart.

In just one candidate, every HR personnel or recruiters invest so much time, from the very first contact to the on-boarding stage. From having to monitor their performance as well as to keep that employee stay in the company. These are just few of the things we do that you might not know about. Every decision/action of the candidate also affects us- and managers would question us “how on earth did you not see this coming” “how did you not know about this”.

So, let me just relay this message, I’m sure everyone from the HR industry will agree on this, if you got a new job, don’t forget to thank the very first person who contacted you and interviewed you- she is genuinely happy that you got the job but your “thank you” will mean more than anything.

I’m ending this post with a smile on my face not because I got someone hired today, just not yet- few more people are one step closer to a new and better opportunity.