when it rains, it pours. literally!

Unlike my usual weekday mornings wherein I’m sulky and sleepy, today was different- at least that’s what I told myself the very second I stepped out of the gate and walked my way up the highway. It’s a beautiful day!! A gloomy Tuesday at 8am, chilly winds and everything seems so peaceful. What a beautiful day indeed to stay in bed and sleep throughout the day. But the storm doesn’t suspend work, not even my class tonight.

Getting a ride to work was a lot easier, there were only two folks seated, a guy beside me who I really didn’t get to notice and a girl across me who as well was unnoticeable. You probably thought this will be like in novels where I will describe how people looked in a public ride and how I imagined their life would be, ohh sorry about that but I didn’t have thoughts like that this morning. The road was nearly empty but the jeepney I got into was so slow I knew then I’ll be late. And definitely I was, 2 minutes. I could’ve walked faster or kuya manong could’ve drove like how 17B/C/D drivers drive. I wanted to feel the cold breeze so I kept my usual pace not minding this will be deducted to my pay.

I arrived in the office with the tv screen on since we have our monthly townhall- ohh gosh another reason not to do work today. I keep on going outside because the weather is wonderful. There’s actually a storm that made its landfall I guess last night, and our place is on Signal no. 2 so we’re expecting this kind of weather probably for 2-3 days.

Most people don’t like the rain, well I love rainy days. What I don’t like is having to hold an umbrella and walk on wet pavements while my shoes get soaked and overpriced Uber/Grab rides. But having to wear my pink hoodie and watch people pass by, hearing the raindrops and listening to Adele while enjoying a cup of coffee are my favorite things to do. There’s a coffee shop just down our office and I stood there for a few minutes before going back and thought “wow! people with their different colors of umbrellas, an old man and his coffee, people getting out of the building probably done with their shift, koreans inside the coffee shop” I stood there and just listened to every rain drop and my legs started to feel cold as I am wearing a skirt and realized I’m a sucker when it comes to the cold. Oh how am I gonna survive winter??

I suddenly was brought back to the short vacation we had in Upper Digos, south of Davao last November where the temperature dropped at 16°C and my insides were frozen, the cold literally went straight to my bones but I loved it. I loved the smell of pine tress and the mountain was covered by fog. My love for mountains developed there and I can’t wait to travel down there again, hopefully my plan to explore Northern Mindanao will push through this year.

So now I’m back from a long lunch break, goodness it’s already 2PM. Few more hours and I’m gonna brave the traffic going to school for my MA class. What the hell am I doing with my life?





Sugbo Summer :)

Going to the beach is one of the typical activities Filipinos do, because why not? We’re blessed with beautiful beaches.

After almost a year of living in Cebu, I finally got the chance to travel South, I’ve only traveled to Northern part of Cebu for the past months. First stop was Moalboal, we went to take a dip in the super White Beach and watched the sunset at Panagsama. It was a quick day tour (actually half day tour) my friend and I had, we weren’t able to do some activities (island hopping and swimming with the sardines). We went back to the city right away and was ready for an adventure that was about to happen!

look at how crystal-clear it is!
random kid at Panagsama Beach saying hi to our camera 🙂
bonus! Oppas in their diving suits ^.^

 We availed a package at Mactan for Parasailing where other activities were also included (banana boat, jetski, snorkeling, kayak, etc) (you can check Serena Water Sports or contact them at 0917-321-0077)

The Parasailing was the best! You get to see Mactan Island at 150ft, it’s never the same when you’re in an airplane. It was magnificent and you must try it!

hello world!!!

Holy Week came and we went up north to my favorite place in Cebu, Bantayan Island! I promised this Island that I’ll be back and so I did. I realized that I have to be rich so I can buy a place in this stunning island.

During that time, Bantayan was filled with people since they were celebrating their annual feast. Though it was packed with people from all over the country and even foreigners, still I couldn’t feel but relaxed with its lovely beach and locals.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Imagine waking up to this scenery.
long walks for exercise

Few weeks after my last trip, we headed South again to do canyoneering. Whoa! I. Never. Thought. I. Could. Do. This.

Thank you to my friends and our tour guides for being so patient with me.


This wasn’t planned as went to Liloan for a baptism, but hey we were already in the area so why not check this place even though we were in our formal attire?



Obviously I’m writing all of these in a cramming manner, life has been so busy and I’m about to start a new chapter in my life- Graduate Studies. My classes will start next week and I have no idea what to expect and why I’m doing this.

I know it’s not only me who wants to leave everything behind and just go travel-because we all think that life is better if we just go travel and not have jobs and be a real adult. But reality speaking, we don’t have that courage to do that due to many excuses and legit reasons. So while we’re at it, travel a little and discover yourself in different places. And if it really must be your calling, then go for it.



SMILE even when you’re scared

Didn’t know I was being filmed, I just smiled because I have to. And I want to.

We were on our way to do canyoneering and I was bloody scared. Too scared because I don’t trust myself that I can do it. It probably doesn’t show on the photo but oh my gosh, God knows how I was feeling then. Anyway, I survived and it was one of the best experiences I had. I’m going to have another post about it. For now, let me just share this photo (this one’s a special one)



Lights in the Sky

What are your thoughts while watching a fireworks display?

So it was Friday and that only means one thing for us- Sugbo Mercado night. It is a weekend night market located near our office. We just love going there and treat ourselves after a week of interviews. Last night, Garden Bloc was packed with people, there was also another event which was the biketoberfest and children were around the area for Halloween activities. Anyway, so while going back to our table everyone stopped for few minutes and watched the fireworks display for the opening of biketoberfest. Thoughts? hmm. beautiful! long weekend! happiness! love! new beginnings! this person! my phone I have to take a picture of this.

Cheers to the long weekend! IMG_20161028_200030.jpg